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Buyer Representation

If you are looking to purchase a commercial property, Arger Real Estate has the experience to find exactly what you're looking for. Our services are customized to suit your needs as a real estate buyer. Our understanding of your specific goals is what makes Arger real estate one of a kind. We can help assist you in the following:

  1. Prepare an exhaustive survey of the market to identify potential buildings for purchase.
  2. Provide a detailed economic analysis comparing various options.
  3. Once a target building is identified, we negotiate to achieve the most favorable economic term.
  4. Negotiate a purchase contract that provides strong protection and inspection contingency clauses.
  5. Coordinate all due diligence efforts, including:
    1. Building inspections
    2. Title searches and survey review
    3. Planning and zoning reviews
    4. Environmental surveys (including Phase I Abestos and mold inspections)
    5. Cost estimates for any required construction or site improvements